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Farm Campsite Arco

Agrisalus - Farm Campsite Arco - Garda Lake

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Our farm campsite, immersed in the nature of Trentino and located a stone’s throw away from Arco and Riva del Garda, represents the ideal place for those who wish to live an authentic and relaxing experience.

Here you will be able to drop daily routine and rediscover rural life thanks to direct contact with the farming and animal world. You will be welcomed by the fragrance and sounds of nature in a unique environment.
The proximity to Garda Lake, with its crystal-clear waters and its countless outdoor activities, will offer you unforgettable moments: excursions, bike rides and water sports.


Our farm campsite in Arco is a veritable oasis of peace and serenity.
Located just 2 km km from Lake Garda and from Torbole, it offers an ideal solution for those who wish to enjoy the natural beauties near the lake.

Our camping site in Trentino, plunged as it is in nature, will allow you to establish direct contact with the farming and animal world, thereby living a riveting and relaxing experience. Furthermore, you can relish our delicious products, made with love every day right here on our commercial farm.

scuole - progetti educativi per gruppi scolastici

Educational farm

The educational farm inside our campsite in Arco aims to bring everyone, starting from the youngest, close to the animal and natural world.
Guests can visit and interact with the animals, and participate in educational labs on milk processing, among other things.

With the educational farm, we want to draw our visitors once again closer to the natural and genuine world, and make them respect animals and enhance the potential of natural products.

The cheese factory

At Agrisalus, you will have the opportunity to discover the secrets of our caseificio where we produce cheeses with unique characteristics and an authentic taste, which enhance the flavours and aromas of our territory.

In addition, we organise cheese tastings to try out our products and enjoy their unique flavours.

Dairy products - Agrisalus
Shop products - Agrisalus Arco

Our Shop

In our farm campsite on Lake Garda, in Trentino, we engage in the production of genuine and quality foodstuffs thanks to our cheese factory and the breeding farms therein present. We work with passion to offer our guests fresh eggs, cheeses, yoghurt, dairy products, meat, vegetables and even ice cream, all this processed in a natural and genuine way, showing respect to the raw material and the well-being of our farm animals.

If you want to try out the taste of the natural products and the true Trentino territory, you can not only taste our products directly here by us but also take home with you the wholesomeness of Agrisalus by purchasing them from our on-site shop!

Our breeding farms

The land surrounding our commercial farm has become an oasis of life thanks to our commitment to recovering a local plot of land. Now this space is used for our breeding farms of hens, cows and other animals that accompany our daily life in Agrisalus.

We have restored life to our almost 18000 square metres to create a healthy and vital environment for our animals.

i nostri allevamenti - agrisalus

Discover the guided tours

Come and discover the secrets of milk and cheese production on our farm campsite in Arco. You will be able to live a unique and authentic experience, taking part in all the production phases of our artisan cheese factory. You will have the chance to see our animals up close and understand the progress from milking to the creation of our exquisite products.
At the end, you can taste our products born out of the love for nature and the local territory.

The activity is aimed at a group of 3 to 10 people and lasts about an hour. It is available on the following days: Saturday and Sunday (meeting at 10.30am or in the months of July and August also at 4.30pm).
The cost is €30 for adults, €20 for children under 14 and free from 0 to 3 years (tasting included in the price).


Breeding Farms
Cheese factory


Upon your arrival at Agrisalus, you will be able to breathe an air of nature, simplicity and relaxation. Lorenzo will be there to welcome you; he is the heart of Agrisalus and will be the one to accompany you along this path of discovery and wonder. You will inevitably find yourself captivated by his passion and enthusiasm.

You will have a chance to explore the farm campsite, the cheese factory and the breeding farms, and will be able to experience up close the cheese production processes and the animal care, concerning which Lorenzo is a real expert, and you can ask him any question you want.

Breeding Farms

Upon arriving in Agrisalus, your attention will be caught by our animals. As they are of fundamental importance for the various activities we perform at our farm campsite, their well-being represents an absolute priority for us. Lorenzo, who is a veterinary as well, makes sure that all the animals receive the right care and have suitable spaces available to them. Every day, moreover, he dedicates his commitment to ensuring their complete well-being and helps us creating increasingly tastier and more genuine products.

During your visit, you will also get the opportunity to take part in animal care and pose any question you want. Lorenzo will be extremely happy to reply and you might then find it hard to make him stop.

Cheese factory

It is here that the production process of our best products officially starts: cheeses, yoghurt, creams and even ice creams. This place represents the paradise of dairy products, where next to our cheesemaker Giulia you can witness the various production phases and discover the methods, tools and ingredients we use to bestow tastiness on our products.

The visit to our cheese factory will be an experience of discovery of tradition, craftsmanship and exquisiteness, during which you will have the chance to unearth the secrets handed over generation after generation across the territory and the people who inhabit it and work every day with passion to make it special.


We know by experience that guests come out of the cheese factory hungry, which is why we have scheduled a break, a moment of relaxation and food. Finally, having already unveiled all the secrets of production, you can savour our products, and as you eat them, you will feel all the flavours of the Trentino territory, nature and tradition.

This is usually the favourite part of every visit: at last, we can eat and drink something together relishing the beauty of the nature around our farm campsite (included in the price).


We are certain that you will love the taste of our products, so much so that you will want to take them home after the tasting. After discovering the secrets of our production and tasting the wholesomeness of our cheeses, you will be inevitably tempted to relish them again and you will find all of them available for purchase at our shop.

Cheeses, yoghurt, cured meats, puddings and even ice cream whatever you may desire will be there, within your reach. And after that, come on… will you not take something for your relatives, too?

Final greetings

All goods things come to an end sooner or later, and at this point our visit will be over. After throwing another glance at our lovely landscape you can go back home with your belly full, plenty of delicacies and, above all, the memory of a wonderful experience steeped in nature and tradition. Now, however, turn this dream into a reality, and book your visit to our farm campsite in Arco.

The experience of a farm campsite on Lake Garda

Come and visit us at our farm campsite and discover the pleasure of tasting the products of our cheese factory!
You will be fully immersed in an oasis of relaxation, delicious food and authentic countryside life. We await you with enthusiasm to let you experience unforgettable moments of genuine entertainment and well-being!

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