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Our Green Policy

We at Agrisalus care deeply about the conservation and protection of our territory, which is why we try in all possible ways to adopt concrete choices and actions aimed at minimising our environmental impact.

Here are some of our environmental initiatives:

  • We have restored life to the nearly 18000 square metres of land that had laid abandoned for 20 years, creating a healthy and vital environment for our animals. After disposing of huge quantities of material and one year’s hard work, we managed to inaugurate the breeding farm of hens, which currently help us maintain these plots. Thanks to rotations in making the pasture sector available, hens contribute to preserving the vitality of the land, together with cows and the other animals that accompany our daily life in Agrisalus.
  • An important aspect is that we have reused all natural rocks and boulders in different ways. They have been employed to contain flowerbeds or create cliffs, while simultaneously ensuring an aesthetical function. By doing so, we have adopted a sustainable practice and given renewed life to natural materials, reducing the environmental impact and promoting harmony with the surrounding territory.
  • Agrisalus has also made a conscious choice with regard to the flooring used at the entrance and at the farm campsite. The flooring is 100% made with recycled and recyclable PVC. This material is laid completely dry, eliminating the need to use adhesives and cementifiers.
  • Thanks to the use of the 40 kW photovoltaic system, capable of producing electricity, and the solar thermal system with 8 solar panels, we are able to be fully self-sufficient in terms of energy and adopt a sustainable approach to the surrounding environment. We also have an energy storage system than can store up to 60 kWh of energy produced. Rounding up our plant is a biomass boiler that enables us to use renewable sources for heating. These solutions allow us to minimise the environmental impact and promote a responsible energy management. The photovoltaic system empowers us to be self-sufficient in milk production as well.
  • We mainly prefer paper/bio/compostable packaging for our products.
  • The presence of an alpine pasture near Agrisalus plays an essential role in the context of our activities. It is an element of the utmost importance, since some of our animals discharge a crucial role in maintaining mountain pastures and fighting reforestation.
  • “Green” milk since feeding animals with fodder from mountain meadows enables the maintenance and constant cleaning of the most difficult marginal territories, thereby facilitating the storage of CO2 in the soil and producing a positive impact on the carbon emission delta.
  • Pigs perform an essential role in our production process, as they allow us to manage in a sustainable fashion the by-products of milk processing, such as whey, which would otherwise be considered special waste. Thanks to pigs, we are capable of making internal use of whey, transforming it into precious nutrients without creating any negative impacts on the environment. In this way, a virtuous cycle is completed within our production chain.
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