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About us

Our philosophy

Our idea comes from afar: the passion handed down by the families of origin towards the animal and farming world, the passion for nature, but also the will to recover the most genuine and simple values to pass them on to our guests, trying to make them live an emotional experience, also from a territorial gastronomic point of view.

Our team

Lorenzo: during his study program in Veterinary Medicine, he developed the idea of launching a personal activity revolving around the well-being of my animals, in addition to the quality and sustainability of their derivatives. Aided by his peasant origins, at the age of 23 he decided to embark on this road and began to manage a few alpine pastures, convinced of his ability to associate them with something more stable in the valley as well. Accordingly, in 2019 he bought a former pigsty in the Bolognano countryside with the idea of restructuring it and turning into a small breeding farm for dairy cattle, mini-cheese factory and farm campsite.

Nicole, neuro and psychomotricity therapist for the developmental age, is in charge of all the educational farm activities that involve children and the animal world.

Giulia: our dairywoman in charge of the cheese factory all-round, from production to health and hygiene issues, experiments and innovates daily to introduce novelties into the world of our cheese.

Our team also includes Emiliano and Eleonora, essential components in many respects, who look after the hens and our vegetable garden, taking care of them with dedication every day and interpreting a delicate role within the entire ecosystem of our centre.
Furthermore, upon your arrival you will be greeted by Silvia, who, with her contagious enthusiasm and cheerfulness, will give you a warm welcome and provide you with all the information required to make your holiday something unforgettable.

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Rio and Koda - Team Agrisalus

Rio and Koda

The experience of a farm campsite on Lake Garda

At our farm campsite, located a few steps away from the wonderful Lake Garda, one of the most popular destinations in northern Italy, our customers can enjoy the products of our cheese factory. The surrounding area offers unique opportunities for unforgettable experiences every day: a boat or bike ride, or even a relaxing afternoon by our swimming pool. You will be able to immerse yourself in an oasis of relaxation and genuine food and the authenticity of our farm.

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